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Rally of Love for Bullied 10-Year-Old Girl

ReConnect, Inc. had the honor of hosting a rally of love and support for 10-year-old Raeann and her family where they were showered with love, gifts, and cupcakes. Raeann made national news on January 31, 2017 after she was held down on the school bus by two bullies who wrote the word 'loser' and other drawings on her face with permanent marker. The family says the school hasn't done much about the situation and it isn't the first time one of their children has been the target of racial insensitive bullying.

Source: KETV

When ReConnect, Inc.'s Executive Director LaVon Stennis-Williams heard the news, she immediately wanted to help Raeann and her family overcome the traumatic incident. Mrs. Stennis-Williams contacted the Davney family and soon garnered support from family and friends who were very excited to show Raeann and her siblings that love always overshadows hate.

Raeann is far from a loser as she is involved in many sports including soccer, football, and gymnastics. She's also interested in dance and basketball.

Raeann and her family were very appreciative of all the gifts and support they received from ReConnect, Inc. and friends. The siblings were also showered with gifts, love, enjoyed a friendly balloon fight

We told Raeann to never let anyone dull her sparkle and we know her sparkle will shine as bright as her future.

Pictures from the Rally of Love

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