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Triage Youth Program

Triage Success Youth Program was developed based on the belief that reducing risk factors that contribute to delinquent behavior among youth and young adults is of utmost importance. We provide effective prevention and intervention services to keep youth from entering the juvenile justice system or prevent further system involvement.


We help youth develop cognitive and pro-social skills needed to help them reach their fullest potential. Our comprehensive program, based on effective best-practice strategies, is designed to help youth succeed at school, at home, and in the community. We carry out our purpose by providing quality services in the following areas: Educational Tutoring/Support, Job and Career Readiness, and Personal Development/Accountability.

For more information about the Triage Success Youth Program or to make a referral, please contact us at (402) 934-4933 or send us a message below.

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educational tutoring & Support

Triage offers a wide array of services to help youth engage with school to reach academic benchmarks, graduate from school and pursue post-secondary or vocational training. Our services range from efforts to reduce absenteeism to after-school tutoring to raise academic achievement.


We also provide day reporting for youth who are suspended from school. Youth who attend our day reporting program work to remain current on school work as well as work on behaviors that contributed to the suspension.

job & career readiness

Youth will get the help needed to build job readiness skills that employers seek in applicants. The goal of the Job and Career Readiness Modules are not just to prepare youth for work, but to tie current educational success with career options so that youth can begin to see the connection between education and career options.  

Personal Development 

Youth are provided support to address and overcome risk factors that may contribute to their behaviors. Youth participate in activities to address topics such as peer pressure, appropriate decision-making, anger management, self- control, self-esteem, substance usage, and other topics.


Although we are not mental health professionals or substance abuse counselors, we coordinate our services with other community professionals with whom the youth may be seeing for mental and substance use. We also may refer the family to professionals if we see a need for professional help.

Triage participant teaches peers about positivity and gardening.

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