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ReConnect, Inc. Awarded Reentry Program of the Year

It has been a remarkable five years for ReConnect, Inc. What started as an idea through Executive Director LaVon Stennis-Williams while incarcerated in federal prison has blossomed into a second chance, safe haven for incarcerated and post-released individuals ready for a second chance at life. Through all the perseverance, grant writing, long nights of drafting the curriculum of personal development classes and job training programs, ReConnect, Inc. is beginning to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Most recently, ReConnect, Inc. was recognized as the Vocational Life Skills Program Grantee of the Year by the State of Nebraska Department of Corrections.

When ReConnect, Inc. was first established in 2012, LaVon Stennis-Williams never would have thought that her program would be celebrated today calling the program her “second chance.” ReConnect, Inc. understands that breaking down barriers to reentry success is a national problem, but the solutions are mainly local. We also understand that reentry needs differ from person to person which is why all of our efforts, including services we provide to our clients, are tailored to address the actual needs of the individual as defined and not trends, data, or what's popular.

Over the past year, ReConnect, Inc. has provided vocational life skills and job readiness services to over 623 men and women thanks to the State of Nebraska Vocational and Life Skills grant. Many of our clients have been served through the life skills and self-development classes taught at each Nebraska State Prison. The primary goal of ReConnect, Inc.’s reentry initiative is to help participants to not only engage in self-development, but also help transform the prison culture with an "each one, teach one" approach. ReConnect, Inc. is proud of our efforts in helping prepare men and women to overcome barriers to reentry success, lower recidivism, become productive citizens while also focusing on public safety.

Through job readiness workshops, construction training programs, monthly job clubs, and personal development prison workshops, individuals are granted a second chance at reentry through ReConnect, Inc.

Thank you to the State of Nebraska Department of Corrections for recognizing ReConnect, Inc. as the Vocational Life Skills Program Grantee of the Year.

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