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A Change is Coming to ReConnect, Inc.!

If we continue to do what we have always done..... Well, you know the rest. So we're making major changes here at ReConnect, Inc.

At ReConnect, Inc., we recognize the importance of change. Since our reentry program started in 2011, a lot has changed in the reentry environment. There is a new culture surrounding serving men and women with conviction history which is why ReConnect has started the process of change.

We are rebranding our reentry program to reflect best practices in what we say and do.

Major changes you will see:

  • Shift from using prison and traditional reentry terminology to normalize the transition as men and women start over

  • No longer will we refer to ReConnect as a “reentry program” but rather a new start program

  • No longer refer to second chances. This change reflects our awareness that what many are calling second chances might actually be “ first chances”

Get in contact with us today to start your fresh start journey, call 402-934-4933.


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