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An Enhanced Triage Summer Experience to Remember

Every year, ReConnect Triage host a 6-week Summer Academic Boot Camp for our Triage Youth to refresh their education and personal development skills before starting the new school year.

This year, we added a new experience by partnering with Here For You For Them (HERE) to help enhance our students’ personal development . As with each summer boot camp, we invited other community providers to share in our activities, and we’re happy to collaborate and share the HERE experience with partners such as MAYS and Misty Angels.

Another change was our emphasis on working directly with parents through our Family Matters program which for the first time was incorporated into the life-skills, prevention/intervention component of the summer activities.

Our new summer series format was part of the changes ReConnect has made to its programs to enhance effectiveness and engagement and we look forward to continuing to work with community partners like HERE.


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