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COVID-19: We Will Get Through This Together

The Coronavirus has literally taken the world by storm causing disruptions in all of our lives in some way, shape or form. Despite these disruptions, ReConnect, Inc. and the greater Omaha community have come together to provide masks, snacks, and necessary supplies to those most in need.

In addition to meeting community reentry needs, ReConnect also supports the needs of the men at CCCO, many of whom are not working and currently don’t have access to family, dropping off supplies due to COVID precautions. We have donated snacks, 180 hygiene kits (one for each man), 800 detergent pods, and 180 clear book bags for all men since May 1st was the last day they could have regular book bags. We invest every donation back into serving our clients. ReConnect, Inc. is so appreciative of your donations and generosity, especially during these times of uncertainty.

We also can’t begin to express our appreciation to Chef Glenn Wheeler for his acts of kindness in providing lunches to our Triage youth. Chef Wheeler's contributions and that of others including Chef Jeff Henderson, Cameron Gales, Michael Young, Brenda Smith during this pandemic has meant a world of difference to us at ReConnect/Triage.

The best part of all this is each person reached out to ReConnect, Inc. first and asked” How can I help?”

We are forever grateful for your contributions, donations, and efforts.

We will get through this pandemic together!


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