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ReConnect, Inc. Annual Report

Although 2020 was by far the most challenging year in our 10-year history, ironically, it was also our most creative year. To say we were forced to think outside the box is an understatement. However, through it all, we learned just how committed our staff is to serving clients, and how resilient our program is in bouncing back from challenges. Looking back has allowed us to see our vision forward and to make changes we probably would have not made had it not been for the experiences of 2020.

We did more with less. We persevered during times of uncertainty, and we made changes which have better served us—all in the name of adapting to conditions which we could not see the extent of its impact or duration. Some of the things we put in place to meet the challenges, will be continued. Gaps in our services, programs and overall operations which became apparent will be corrected moving forward. Overall the year in review gave to us our best plan forward.

This Annual Report was prepared to give you a birds-eye view of the successes we achieved in spite of the challenges we experienced. It’s our pat on the back for the good work we do and the support we have built from among supporters, donors and the community. While it may not capture everything, it captures the things we deem most important to our success. I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as we did doing the work that went into it.

To view our Annual Report, please download the file below.

ReConnect Annual Report 2021-2
Download PDF • 4.08MB


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