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ReConnect, Inc. Strategic Plan 2020-2022

ReConnect. Inc.’s 2020-2022 Strategic Plan is more than a plan. It is our commitment to continuing a program built on serving the needs of our clients based on the needs they identified rather than our taking a generic one-size-fits-most approach.

Tailoring our services to our client’s needs have not only allowed us to better serve our clients, but it has also allowed ReConnect to better use its sometimes scarce resources to meet the needs of clients.At no time was this as important as it has been over the last year when ReConnect, found itself having to manage resources while also responding to an increase in needs because of the impact of COVID.

To view our strategic plan for 2020-2022, download the file below.

ReConnect, Inc
. Strategic Plan 2020-2022
Download STRATEGIC PLAN 2020-2022 • 872KB


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